Even More Weekly Picks for Online Yoga

Get on your yoga mat for some virtual yoga!

Hey yogis! Spending time at home? No need to let your yoga practice lapse. Grab your mat and enjoy some yoga from these awesome teachers. Here are our picks for the week. Stay tuned for more!

Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe – Hatboro, PA

Join co-founder Kristin Ritter for a short 10 minute sequence you can do post run! Also bonus on ideas for a post recovery smoothie! Smoothie Yoga after a run= a great recovery!

Nourishing Storm is now offering outdoor, indoor, and online classes. Check out their offerings and get started today!

Tejas Yoga – Chicago, IL

Have two minutes to spare? In this ayurvedic exercise for summer, co-founder James Tennant demonstrates an easy way to help keep balance between the fire and water elements in the body and keep the pitta dosha in check.

All of Tejas’ classes are now available exclusively ONLINE, live in real time. The regular class schedule and workshop schedule remains. Learn more at Tejas’ Online FAQ.

We love how our yoga community has stepped up in this time to offer creative ways to reach out to their current students and some new ones too. Find even more online yoga offerings here.

Big thanks to all who are offering programs for those at home!

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