Livestreamed Meditation Immersion with Sue Elkind

Bring the benefits of meditation into your daily life! may 4, 2020 – june 21, 2021 (all classes are one hour & live-streamed recorded!) Meditation is proven to reduce stress and enhance overall well-being. But for many of us, it is difficult to motivate ourselves to sit and cultivate a regular practice. That is why […]

ZOOM Saturday 11:30am Kundalini Vintage

Zoom online offering Must register online and will be sent link to access class online. For the “seasoned” Kundalini practitioner this offering is the quintessential Kundalini Yoga experience as it requires a stronger foundation of all the facets of the technology. Limited cue’g, nor modification instruction given to allow for a more individualistic responsible experience. […]

ONLINE Home Healing Retreat

Fit your Yoga Healing Retreat into your schedule with two enrollment options: Bookends or Immersion. With bookends, you get morning and evening healing sessions plus a full morning on Saturday. Immersion adds midday sessions to your weekdays, much like when you’re at Lokananda, our Svaroopa® yoga retreat center. Advance your healing process dramatically in only […]

ONLINE Shaktipat Retreat

The profound inward path of Svaroopa® Vidya begins with you receiving Maha-Shaktipat Diksha, the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own Divine Self. “It is a unique and extraordinary experience. It creates powerful and positive changes in your mind, body and life.” — […]

ONLINE Enlightenment Studies: Mind Over Matter

Your mind is your greatest friend or your worst enemy, according to the Maitri Upanishad, an ancient yogic text. How do you make it your friend? You can transform your mind by applying it to Consciousness, that which is the One Reality pervading outside and inside. Learn what your mind is made of, how it […]

ONLINE Enlightenment Studies: Karma & Reincarnation

Your karma can hold you back or propel you forward. Master the power of karma by understanding how it works. When you know how the system works, you can work the system! The point is to know how to create the kind of karma that brings you the experiences you want to have. You don’t […]

ONLINE Swami Sunday

Join us online for a program with Gurudevi Nirmalananda. Our new subscription service gives you a way to participate no matter where you’re located, especially valuable at this time in our lives. You may enroll for a single satsang or for a series. Satsang begins at 10:00 am, with chanting and meditation led by Gurudevi […]

ONLINE: Your Missing Peace

FREE Introduction to Meditation Meditation gives you peace, it’s true what they say. But how does it work? Gurudevi Nirmalananda says: “Peace is not something you add to your life; peace is your underlying nature. You have to uncover it.” Find out how in this free program where you learn how to meditate specifically for […]

ONLINE: Where is My Mind?

FREE Online Meditation Program Finding and using your mind, without it using and abusing you, is a great attainment. Meditation gives you a new relationship with your mind, empowering a new level of focus and clarity that helps you master the world. More than the outer world, it is the inner world that meditation explores. […]

Covid-19 Notification

Please note that many events on our calendar have been cancelled or moved to an online format.  Please check with the event organizer for more information.

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