Yoga Teacher Training Guide

Greater Philadelphia Edition

Find your first 200-hour yoga teacher training, scope out advanced trainings, or pin down a specialized training to suit your needs.

Many trainings have moved online which allows for more flexibility and ease of attending.  Online, in-person, or mixed – we’ve got several upcoming trainings for you to consider.

200/250-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

300/500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

Specialty Yoga Teacher Trainings

200/250-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

These teacher trainings are geared towards aspiring teachers – although many students enjoy the training without seeking to teach. The majority of these trainings follow guidelines provided by Yoga Alliance so that graduates can register with Yoga Alliance and designate themselves as RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Brandywine Yoga
September 2, 2020 to November 18, 2020

Transform your personal practice, uncover patterns that have been holding you back and discover how you can feel better and live more authentically through the practice of yoga. You’ll uncover your Authentic Self through the study of asana, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and philosophy. Brandywine Yoga has trained over 130 yoga teachers at since 2012, come join them!

Online Only

Yoga Teacher Training
Cornerstone Clubs
September 11, 2020 to April 25, 2021

This training will have three main areas of focus: First is to develop your own practice; including asana, restorative poses, pranayama and meditation. Second is a solid understanding of anatomy. You will spend over 40 hours on understanding the body. And the third focus will be on teaching skills and methodology preparing you to teach, not just lead a class.


Root to Rise 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training
Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe
September 18, 2020 to March 13, 2021

Come train with Nourishing Storm and learn to be the teacher you were always meant to be. Whether you want to teach in a studio or outdoors, to groups or individuals or even just to deepen your own practice, Nourishing Storm is dedicated to helping you find your most authentic voice. Train at the Storm in an open, loving space with the option to join virtually as well.

In-Person or Online

200 Hr. “Vinyasa Fusion Flow” Yoga Teacher Training!
Dragon Spirit Arts Studio & Yoga School
September 25, 2020 to March 21, 2021

This training is designed for thoughtful students seeking to expand their understanding of the Yogic Arts and to cultivate it into a lifelong practice in the art of teaching that’s respectful & accessible. Investigate lifestyle, body mechanics & physiology as it relates to certain poses/posture flows stemming from a martial/internal arts tradition rooted in the Seat.


Enso 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training
Enso Yoga Media
October 3, 2020 to February 14, 2021

​This is a practical, comprehensive teacher training that will give you a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a thoughtful and creative vinyasa yoga teacher. Adam & Camille bring experience, ability, and compassion to the training, creating a safe and supportive space for you to begin your journey. 5 Star Rating on Yoga Alliance since 2015. $500 deposit required to reserve your space. 


Meditation: Theory & Teaching
Whole Body Yoga Studio
October 16, 2020 to October 20, 2020

In ancient times, yoga schools had a rich meditation practice that has been lost in modern traditions. This program will explore the many stages & techniques of yoga meditation. We will start with the most ancient forms from which Hindu, Buddhist, & Jain meditation have sprung, & we will explore how they can be incorporated into a modern practice & taught to our students.


Prana Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour)
Princeton Center for Yoga & Health
October 24, 2020 to June 20, 2021

Learn how to practice and teach yoga as a profound science that unites movement, breath, sound, concentration, meditation & prayer. Approached in this way, yogic practice becomes a deeply potent healing and transformational path. Become a teacher of yoga at its essence and greatly expand the depth, power, and healing effects of your own practice.


200 Hour YTT
Moondog Yoga
January 2021 to May 2021

Inherit the Wisdom of a Living Tradition
The Himalayan Institute partners with Moondog Yoga Studio offering this comprehensive and in-depth program. Join your Moondog teachers and HI faculty to deepen your understanding of the yoga tradition, expand your personal yoga practice, and discover your full potential as a yoga teacher.


200 Hr. Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training
Whole Body Yoga Studio
January 8, 2021 to August 29, 2021

Pranakriya Yoga is one of the most solidly grounded, transformational & logically structured yoga teacher trainings in the country. This program trains practitioners who have a love for yoga born out of practice & experience. Thread together asana, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, relaxation, observation and hands-on assisting in 9 intensive weekends.


200 hr. RYT Teacher Training 2021
Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary
January 15, 2021 to June 27, 2021

Join Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary’s Master Teachers for this 200 Hr. Teacher Training led by Claudine Schuster. Topics included: Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, Sequencing, Meditation/Mindfulness, Chakra System, Pre/Post-Natal, Trauma Informed, Ayurveda, Yoga in Service, Kids Yoga. Weekend format/Payment Plans available.


Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings, 300/500- Hours

These advanced trainings are for teachers who have completed a 200-hour program.  The 300-hours of additional training will allow them to be designated as RYT-500 which means they have completed both 200 and 300 hour trainings that meet Yoga Alliance standards.

The Art of Teaching Yoga for Health and Balance
Deeper Physical and Psychological Strategies

Moondog Yoga   
5 Weekends, Starting September 18th

This segment is part of a 500-hr training.  Segments can be taken in any order. Develop techniques that help you support students with common structural and physiological problems in the classroom. In addition you’ll learn to use yoga and ayurveda to harness prana and counteract the harmful effects of chronic stress, mental degeneration, physical discomfort, and emotional imbalances. 

Module Dates: September 11-13, October 9-11, November 13-15, December 11-13, 2020 & January 8-10, 2021


300 Hr. TT – Immersion of the Body, Mind & Spirit
Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary
October 16, 2020 to October 24, 2021

Starting October 16th, embark on an intense training for a full year to master your skills. It involves one weekend a month and a monthly Workshop (Wednesday) and Focus Class. You will be diving deep into Philosophy, Restorative, Advanced Asana, Chakras, Yin, Ethics, Teaching and Sequencing, Anatomy, Chair, Ayurveda, and making Yoga accessible to all bodies.


Prana Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Princeton Center for Yoga & Health
October 17, 2020 to December 5, 2021

Discover the depth in learning to teach areas such as: Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga for Trauma Release and PTSD, Yoga Scriptures, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Prana Yoga. Explore the deeper aspects of Yoga practice and teaching through the 5 Kosha, Yoga and Purification, Yoga and Ayurveda, and Yogic Anatomy and Physiology.


DDYS 500: 300 HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Dig Yoga
Enroll in Individual Modules

DDYS (Dig Deeper Yoga Studies) 500: 300-hour Yoga Alliance® Registered Level II training with Sue Elkind & Naime Jezzeny. schedule is divided into NINE weekend modules.  Enroll at any time.

2020 Module dates: May 1-3, June 5-7, July 10-12, August 7-9, September 11-13, October 16-18, November 6-8 & December 11-13

Online Only

Specialty Teacher Trainings

These trainings are geared towards those who want to expand their yoga teaching skills and specialize.  Many certified yoga teachers will opt to continue their training with programs like these.  Some of these trainings do not require yoga teaching certification and are open to anyone interested.

Teaching Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease
Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapy
September 1, 2020 to December 28, 2020

In this four-month online training you will learn about Parkinson’s Disease, its symptoms and how to apply and modify therapeutic Yoga practices to welcome those with PD into your traditional classes and private sessions, or how to create and market a niche . Each module is pre-recorded and each month includes a live webinar. YA and IAYT CEUs. An APD program with IAYT.

Online Only

Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga
Svaroopa Vidya Ashram
September 23, 2020 to September 27, 2020

Discover a powerful new approach to yoga, one that frees you from pain while expanding your consciousness. Dive into five yoga-full days, an immersion that gives you an amazing new body and the ability to teach intro level classes right away.


Not sure which type of training you’re looking for?
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