WELCOME 2021! New Year’s Yoga: Virtual Edition

Who’s ready to kiss 2020 goodbye and ring in the New Year?! While our New Year’s celebrations may look a little different this year, you can still get centered and set your intentions on the mat. Here are some virtual opportunities to welcome the New Year wherever you are:

Out with the Old – New Year’s Eve Twisting Workshop (Zoom)
The Yoga Center of Columbia
December 31, 10AM

Out with the old… Come and finish 2020 with a twist ! There is an old tradition on New Years Eve to clean something to make room for the new year. Come and cleanse your body and mind with twisting postures and be ready to let go of something somewhere so that we enter the new year with more space inside. In this workshop we will add a twist
to all your favorite poses.

Livestream New Year’s Eve Flow with Jade Olubayo
December 31, 11PM

Let’s come together to say goodbye to 2020! All levels are invited to usher in the new year. Moon salutes, core work and stretch time as we reach toward a new year. We’ll seal this practice in time for you to watch the ball drop. Bring yourself and all the props you need for movement and rest.

Returning of the Light: A New Years Day Yoga, Meditation , and Journaling Practice
Yoga Home
January 1, 10AM

This class is an invitation to begin 2021 with release and intention. The practice will start with mindful vinyasa, slow down for deeper holds and releases, and meditation during which we’ll hold space for potential the new year may hold. After practice, we’ll have the opportunity to journal together, reflecting on 2020 and what we wish to release from it and what we’d like to call in for 2021, framed with mindfulness and self-compassion.

Using the Mind in a New Way with Kartar Khalsa
Radiance Yoga
January 1, 10AM

This is a day and time to affirm the actual Laws of Energy and to create for ourselves the future that our hearts are calling us to. This workshop is not about affirmations. It is not meant to be an inspiration or exhortation; it is meant to create a personal experience of empowerment and a personal understanding of how energy works. It uses Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and the work of Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks. Don’t underestimate what you can learn here. This experience can be life-changing.

New Year’s Day – Open Your Body Yoga Workshop (live-streamed)
The Yoga Center of Columbia
January 1, 10AM

How you spend this first day of the year can set the foundation for the rest of the year. In this New Year’s Day workshop you will receive a word that could set your tone for the year and share a yoga practice to open the four corners of the body, hips and shoulders. We will finish with a restorative pose. Let’s joyfully celebrate this new beginning together.

Livestream New Year’s Day Flow with Suzanne Muro
January 1, 12PM

We made it! What a year it has been! Come join Suzanne and the Grace community as we bid adieu to a year fraught with unexpected twists and turns! Let’s make way for a new year full of appreciation, growth and hope. Expect a comprehensive movement practice including meditation and rest to close. A curated playlist will be provided so you can frame your class with music if you choose!

LiveStream – Hatha Yoga with Live Music with Steve Wolf
Radiance Yoga
January 1, 2PM

Discover how live music can foster a deeper understanding of your body through the postures and movements of yoga. Senior yoga teacher Steve Wolf will lead us through a heart-centered, traditional, flowing hatha yoga practice while award-winning Master World Music Artist Tom Teasley creates a lush sonic landscape using instruments from around the globe to inspire and deepen your practice. Heart-Centered all-levels Hatha Yoga class.

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