Slow Flow & Restore: Livestreamed

Slow Flow and Restore Mondays ~ May 3,10, 17 and 24 Livestreamed AND recorded. Links will come 60 minutes prior and recordings are available for a week after the series ends. Press your reset button with a 4-week evening slow flow series. During each 60-min session, Ellen guides you to move your body in concert […]

[Zoom] Theory and Practice of Yoga Nidra | Q&A with Mia Park

Conscious relaxation is an ancient system perfect for modern times. First mentioned in the classical Indian text the Mahabharata as “yoga nidra,” conscious relaxation is clinically proven to reduce PTSD symptoms, ease pain, and cure insomnia. Learn how deeply resting the body and mind has the potential to heal and guide you to your highest […]

Monthly Live Meditation ~ May

Join Maura Manzo for these monthly livestream meditations built around a specific theme. Designed to support your overall well-being, these meditations are accessible and relatable, for beginner and advanced meditators alike. They are part our our Weekly Meditation offering with Maura which offers with weekly short meditations followed by this extended live meditation at the […]

Swami Sunday: Meditation Program Online

Join us online for a program with Gurudevi Nirmalananda. Our new subscription service gives you a way to participate no matter where you’re located, especially valuable at this time in our lives. You may enroll for a single satsang or for a series. Satsang begins at 10:00 am, with chanting and meditation led by Gurudevi […]

Recalibrate and Refine: A Virtual Practice with Elena Brower

Recalibrate and Refine: A Virtual Practice May 22nd, 4-6pm ET Join Elena Brower for this 2-hour virtual practice for your body and your mind. With Elena, every practice is a journey; during our time together you may expect standing postures, twists, hips, forward bends, meditation and journaling to usher you into your Saturday evening. Recording […]

Prenatal Yoga ~ May

This class helps prepare the body and mind for pregnancy, labor and delivery. This class is highly encouraged for pregnant students who are new to the yoga practice, as well as students with a more consistent practice that are looking to learn modifications and variations to support their practice throughout pregnancy. The online format will […]

Diving Deeper Into Our Meditation Practice

“The mind is the greatest of all mysteries. A clear, calm, one-pointed, friendly mind puts all the treasures of the world at our disposal.” – Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is a user’s guide to remembering and getting rooted in our true nature. Using the first three sutras, we’ll dive deeper into our studies […]

Pose Lab: Hip Mobility, Strengthening & Lengthening with Naime Jezzeny

This workshop will be livestreamed and recorded (recording available for 7 days). 10:45-11:45am ET Strategies to increase strength, extensibility and mobility of the hips. We will do release techniques, lengthening (both static and dynamic) and activation techniques to increase the strength and mobility of the hip joint. Cost: $15

Monthly Restorative Yoga ~ May

Long held, passive postures to support deep relaxation, tension release, and stress relief. Using the assistance of blocks, bolsters and blankets, restorative yoga class works to deeply calm and rest the nervous system, supports the body’s natural healing tendencies and allows the students to experience the poses without having to exert any effort. Appropriate for […]

*Virtual* Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Reach & Raise

Yoga for a reason! Join us for the 20th anniversary of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Reach & Raise on Sunday, May 16 at 10:00 a.m. The day will feature inspiring stories from our breast cancer community, an empowering all-levels yoga practice, music, and much more. At the center of Reach & Raise is a powerful […]