Pose Lab – Core Strengthening Progressions: Livestreamed with Naime Jezzeny

This workshop will be livestreamed and recorded (available for 7 days). 10:45-11:45am ET Join Naime as he deconstructs “the Core” and the role it plays in yoga asana, human performance and our life in general. Cost: $15

Monthly Livestream Meditation ~ March

Join Maura Manzo for these monthly livestream meditations built around a specific theme. Designed to support your overall well-being, these meditations are accessible and relatable, for beginner and advanced meditators alike. They are part our our Weekly Meditation offering with Maura which offers with weekly short meditations followed by this extended live meditation at the […]

Sacred Spiral Dance of Healing

The Sacred Spiral of the Divine Spark The Sacred Geometry of our embodiment is a spiral that holds our Divine spark of individual soul expression. The more we ground to our sacred Mother Tara, the more strongly our spark can shine and manifest scared creativity into the world. This divine frequency aligns with the awakened […]

Birth Workshop For Expectant Couples (Hybrid)

Attend In-Studio or Live-Streamed Comfort Measures Workshop For Couples led by Darlene Bergener Feel vibrant throughout pregnancy and confident as your due date approaches. You just need the right tools and know how and when to use them! Pregnancy discomforts and typical birthing practices can create many obstacles. This virtual, yet hands-on workshop for couples, taught […]

Where is My Mind?

Finding and using your mind, without it using and abusing you, is a great attainment. Meditation gives you a new relationship with your mind, empowering a new level of focus and clarity that helps you master the world. More than the outer world, it is the inner world that meditation explores. Learn how to do […]

Enlightenment Studies 3: Illumined Living

Online Sutra StudiesBegins Wednesday March 24 2021You can experience the peace and bliss within by meditating, but how do you carry it into life? The point is to live in the light 24/7, not just when you’re by yourself and have your eyes closed. Interweaving your spirituality into your worldly life is the ultimate attainment, […]

2021 FREE Intro Call: Beyond Becoming – Being, Light & Bliss

Beyond Becoming Much of life is about becoming, applying yourself to growing, learning and building a bigger and better you. On the spiritual path, your efforts go toward discovering who you are in your innermost being; it’s not about creating a new you. Knowing your own essence, you live in the freedom of being instead […]

Radiance Yoga LiveStream – Yin Yoga and Self-Myofascial Release with Heather Hare

Yin yoga invites us to work with the connective tissues of the body (fascia) with poses to open and nourish areas of restriction created through our everyday activities. The shapes are passive, allowing focused time to rest and restore. Self-myofascial release is a massage technique of applying continued pressure to an area of fascial tissue […]

200 hour Root to Rise Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training (in person + virtual)

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”- Albert Einstein Come train with us (Virtual or in Studio) and learn to be the teacher you were always meant to be. Whether you want to teach in a studio or outdoors, to groups or individuals or even just […]

Aligning with the Intelligence of Body with Joe Miller

An underlying principle in the yogic tradition is dharma. One definition of dharma is aligning with the flows of nature to live with more ease and grace. Similarly, dharma asks us to consider our circumstances, the relationships we are inherently in, and ask how we can align ourselves to function well in, rather than fight, […]