The Hormone Puzzle Society–Fertility Coach Certification

Want to become a certified fertility coach? Join Kela Robinson Smith, CEO/Program Director of The Hormone Puzzle Society in her original Hormone Puzzle Society 40-week fertility coach virtually certification course. This life-changing virtual program covers a variety of fertility boosting methods within the areas of diet, cycle syncing, and overall hormone balance. Becoming a certified […]

Radiance Yoga LiveStream – Yin Yoga Training with Yuki Riley

The 20-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga principles and applications. Targeting the connective tissues, including fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones, Yin Yoga is accessible and beneficial for a wide variety of practitioners, from young athletes to the aging population. This training […]

ONLINE Where is My Mind?

Finding and using your mind, without it using and abusing you, is a great attainment. Meditation gives you a new relationship with your mind, empowering a new level of focus and clarity that helps you master the world. More than the outer world, it is the inner world that meditation explores. Learn how to do […]

Yoga for Pain Relief Online

Free Intro Program Online Sunday June 13 2021 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Eastern Time) Bring your aches and pains with you to this online intro to Svaroopa® yoga. We’ll ask what you need help with. Then we’ll help you with it. In addition, we’ll explain how this style of yoga works, compared to medicine. You’ll […]

8-Day Meditation Retreat – Online Immersion

Eight days of meditation with Gurudevi and our Swamis is guaranteed to open up new dimensions within. Turn your home into a sanctuary, a sacred place in which you deepen inward. Your expansion into your Inherent Divinity provides a base for an increased understanding of your life as well as mastery of the world. Choose […]

Swami Sunday: Meditation Program Online

Join us online for a program with Gurudevi Nirmalananda. Our new subscription service gives you a way to participate no matter where you’re located, especially valuable at this time in our lives. You may enroll for a single satsang or for a series. Satsang begins at 10:00 am, with chanting and meditation led by Gurudevi […]

(Online/In-Person) YACEP Training-The Art of Teaching Taoist Inspired Yin/Yang Yoga: Cultivating the Internal Ebb & Martial Flow!

Teaching Taoist Inspired Yin/Yang Yoga: Cultivating the Internal Ebb & Martial Flow! with Gabrielle de Burke E-RYT 200, YACEP, Tao Yin /Taoist Yoga Level II & NQA Level II Qigong Instructor Part II of the 30 Hour Teacher Training Immersion Learn to be an Instructor of Taoist Yoga through the Dragon Spirit Arts Yoga School […]

YACEP Training: Teaching Taoist Inspired Yin Yoga…Cultivating the Internal Ebb & Subtle Flows (Online/In-person)!

Taoist Inspired Yin Yoga Teacher Training… Cultivating the Internal Ebb & Subtle Flows with Gabrielle de Burke E-RYT 200, YACEP, NQA Level II Qigong Instructor Explore the essence of Yin & Restorative Yoga in a caring and uplifting learning environment. In this dynamic and interactive setting, you will expand your definition of Yin & Restorative […]

Unlocking Meditation Secrets

Find out how do they do it, sitting still for so long. What are they doing in there? Learn how to access the peace and ease of deep meditation in this course. It takes only three class meetings to get from busy mind to the inner depth and dimensionality you always wanted. Meditation becomes one […]

FREE ONLINE Meditation Home Practice

Set yourself up for success in meditation. A regular, consistent meditation practice brings you all the benefits you’ve heard about and even want: inner clarity, creativity, peace, healing and happiness. Meditation only works when you do it. Learn what works and figure out how to apply it personally. Study sutras from yoga’s ancient texts that […]