Meditation Workshop

There are many ways to meditate. Sharon will show you how much easier it is than you think! Meditation is one of the best ways to heal your mind, body, and spirit and create a divine connection that will strengthen you in every way. It’s as easy as listening. We will practice with several tools […]

Family Yoga (Kindergarten & older plus Caregiver)

Family Yoga at Yoga Home will provide families an opportunity to experience yoga and all of its benefits together. Each class will incorporate yoga poses, games, songs, and fun themes. These classes delve into kid friendly breathing and meditation exercises while developing mental, physical, and emotional awareness. Ages kindergarten and up, plus adult. This class […]

Restorative Yoga & Marma Point Therapy with Live Sitar Music by Allyn Miner

Pre-registration required! $55 This unique session is the perfect treat for yourself, receiving nourishment through sound healing, bodywork and deep relaxation ….Allyn Miner, the Philadelphia sitar player will set the tone with her beautiful play while relaxing & healing in Restorative Yoga poses. Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga. In this session […]

Yoga & Zentangle

Join Julie Pogachefsky and Mindy Shapiro for an afternoon of Yoga and Zentangle. In this relaxing, creative, meditative and quite fun workshop, no talent or experience is needed! Julie will begin our afternoon together with a flowing yoga practice designed to stimulate the second chakra, the seat of our creative energy. This practice is suitable […]

Journey to Awakening- Trust

“I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust. Suspicion is fetid and only stinks. He who trusts has never yet lost in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi This series of special meditation classes are designed to connect the Nourishing Storm monthly themes to our personal lives through insight, reflection and meditation. Each class will include spiritual […]

Yoga + Brunch at True Food Kitchen!

Join us for Yoga at True Food Kitchen: A partnership made in healthy heaven! This all-levels class is appropriate for anyone as we enjoy an invigorating morning flow together. Led by owner, Dianne Rutstein, you will enjoy an hour full of mindful movement through Vinyasa with some extra attention to breath awareness. What a wonderful […]

Spiraling to Wellness Workshop Series- AWAKEN with Kristin Ritter

Welcome to Spiraling to Wellness! Within each 2 hour Spiraling to Wellness workshop, we will be exploring one theme each month following three priorities of wellness according to Ancient Healing Traditions highlighted in the journal: Awareness Movement Nutrition Each session starts with AWARENESS; discussing the theme and how it applies in our lives, along with […]

Basics of Backbending with Julia Paddison

Backbending can be challenging both physically and mentally, however, it is one of the most therapeutic parts of a yoga practice when practiced with patience and equanimity. Backbends energize, refresh, and invigorate the body; relieving back pain, helping digestive system function, relieving stress, and building confidence and self esteem. In this workshop, we will take […]

Solutions for Evolution: Initiate & Create

Solutions For Evolution presents its newest workshop, INITIATE & CREATE. It’s time you choose to take back the power in your life. We will elevate our awareness, accept what is, release the hooks, and create from a clean slate. Create what?! A life you truly love! A life that makes you feel fully alive! Jacob […]

Little Yogis (Walking to Pre-K with Caregiver)

Bark like a dog, hiss like a snake, flap your wings in butterfly and join us for a fun and educational class designed for toddlers (walking –pre-k). Your child will celebrate the wonders of mobility, communication, and independent exploration with you in this joyful class. Animated poses and imaginative games along with music and movement […]