Fascia Freedom

This workshop is perfect for yogis, athletes of all kinds, runners, teen athletes and any student interested in gaining more mobility and freedom in their body. Come enjoy a practice focused on utilizing various sized facia compression balls in combination with simple stretching and strengthening postures. You have six times as many sensory neurons loaded […]

Reiki Share – Everyone Welcome!

A Reiki Share is a co-collaborative healing event where all participate in the energy healing of each other. Reiki Master Alyson Victoria will invite the Reiki energy in, and then have everyone join the session. One person will lay on the massage table and everybody else will place their hands somewhere on or above the […]

Beginner Yoga – One Day Deep Dive

If you are new to yoga or just returning to your yoga practice, this 2 hour workshop will give you an overview of the basic fundamentals of a yoga practice. Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step description, demonstration, and practice. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose […]

Postnatal Yoga & Community

This class will focus on the postnatal mother – mind, body and spirit – with each class including conversation, movement, guided breath, and time for relaxation. Whether your new to the practice or looking forward to returning to your mat, all are welcome. Each practice will support the postnatal body, whether after delivery or adoption, […]

Beginner Yoga for Seniors

Join Nancy for this 3-week Beginner Course for Seniors! Folks of every body size, shape, and ability are welcome! 3 Thursdays, Jan 16th – Jan 30th 10:30 – 11:45 am $45 per person for 3 week series

The Power of Transformation – 8 Week Series

This 8-week series will feature 1-hour weekly sessions as well as support through a private Facebook group. The focus of the series is on the mind, body, and soul/spirit. Throughout the 8 weeks, members of the group will learn to open their hearts to a more conscious way of thinking while learning how to transform […]

Mommy & Me Yoga Series & Drop-in

DADS are Welcome Too! This class series is a wonderful way to connect with your little one through yoga! The therapeutic, stress-reducing class will address the needs of your postpartum body. You will also enjoy meeting other new parents. Please bring a receiving blanket for your baby––and, if you wish, his or her favorite small […]

Guided Meditation

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.” – Amit Ray Dhyana (Meditation), one of the 8 limbs of yoga is the state of absorption with a focus on simply being. It is a practice that takes time and patience and one that is more about depth then length. The benefits […]

Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing with Essential Oils

Find your joy within! Join Patty Ferry and Sound Healer Sharon Kachel for a blissful afternoon of Live Sound Healing with gongs, sound bowls, and bells, in Restorative Yoga Poses with Essential Oils. Awaken your inner guide, feel your inner freedom as your take this time to heal your body and mind. Sat, 1/11 @ […]

Little Yogis (Walking to Pre-K with Caregiver)

Bark like a dog, hiss like a snake, flap your wings in butterfly and join us for a fun and educational class designed for toddlers (walking –pre-k). Your child will celebrate the wonders of mobility, communication, and independent exploration with you in this joyful class. Animated poses and imaginative games along with music and movement […]