Foundations of Svaroopa Yoga

Introductory Teacher Training Physical and mystical at the same time, this 5-day training also provides you with profound healings in just 5 days. Over 30 years of experience, with more than 3,000 grads, Foundations guarantees a paradigm shift, one that opens you to “svaroopa,” your own Divine Essence. Find a whole new way of living […]

Magic of Ujjayi

Study the deeper teachings on Ujjayi Pranayama in this online course, being offered for the first time since 2014. Each class meeting prepares you to discover a deeper dimension to your own breath. Because of the power of these mystical teachings, you must fulfill the prerequisite* in order to take this course. Each class includes […]

Yoga for Pain Relief Onsite

Free Intro Program Sunday June 13 2021 Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center, Downingtown PA 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Eastern Time) Bring your aches and pains with you to this online intro to Svaroopa® yoga. We’ll ask what you need help with. Then we’ll help you with it. In addition, we’ll explain how this style of […]

8-Day Meditation Retreat- Onsite

Each day gets deeper and more delicious, for eight days of meditation with Gurudevi and our Swamis. Your experience is guaranteed to open to new dimensions within. Your expansion into your Inherent Divinity provides a base for an increased understanding of your life as well as mastery of the world. This is a full immersion […]

Virtual Yoga: Vin + Yin

Vin/Yin is a marriage of the strong, yang Vinyasa Yoga with the receptive Yin Yoga. Active, yet grounding sun salutations and standing flows are offered in the first half of class to warm and enliven the body. The second half of the class will focus on yin poses held longer to stretch the connective tissues […]

Meditation 101: Exploring Your Innermost Essence

Get beyond your mind to discover a deeper dimension within. Learn a powerful, yet easy, meditation method in this course, a complete and thorough training that answers all your questions. Find out how easy it is to get past the inner obstacles. This course makes meditation accessible for you, and supports you in the process […]

Meditation Made Easy

Discover how easy meditation can be in this one-hour intro. Instead of watching your mind, get deeper within your own Divine Essence by using the shortcuts that yogis specialize in. Named Svaroopa® Vidya, this meditation methodology is based in yoga’s tantric system. In a single evening you will learn the goal and purpose of meditation […]

Chanting & Meditation Weekend Retreat – Residential

Singing is a way for you to express your heart, but chanting is how you express your spirit. Yoga’s amazing technology includes chanting in Sanskrit, providing a direct route to inner bliss. Spend the weekend immersed in the music of yoga. Plumb the heights of Consciousness and the depths of your own being, carried by […]

Swami Sunday – Free Meditation Program

Our morning chant begins at 8:30 am, one full hour of chanting in Sanskrit. The text is “Sree Guru Gita”, a profound experience of the ancient practice of svadhyaaya as well as an immersion into the Our Sunday program has two consecutive parts. You are cordially invited for any single section or all of it. […]

ONLINE Swami Sunday

Join us online for a program with Gurudevi Nirmalananda. Our new subscription service gives you a way to participate no matter where you’re located, especially valuable at this time in our lives. You may enroll for a single satsang or for a series. Satsang begins at 10:00 am, with chanting and meditation led by Gurudevi […]