Yoga Loka

Since 2003, Yoga Loka has provided a nurturing, non-competitive environment. We accommodate all skill levels and offer an eclectic mix of classes and workshops. We seek to make Yoga accessible to everyone.

Our studio’s foundation​ draws upon the principles of Shree Vidyaa.  Shree Vidyaa is an ancient practice that guides Yogis towards spiritual liberation​.​ So  Yoga Loka’s classes sometimes include the reciting of mantras and pranayama. Harnessing prana through pranayama, mantra and meditation, calms discomfort and stress.​

Yoga Loka’s classes also adhere to the principals of Structural Yoga Therapy, created by Mukunda Stiles. Structural Yoga is designed to relieve pain and stress. As a holistic practice, it takes into account individuals’ lifestyle, physical ability, and attitude. Structural Yoga incorporates classic Yoga postures, specialized movements, and breathing exercises to ease chronic pain, realign the body, and inspire healthy lifestyle changes.

Our schedule has something for all skill levels and interests. Students who desire traditional practices can join us for Vinyasa flow; ​flow classes range from basic to intense. And for those looking to diversify his or her practice, we offer specialized classes for ​meditation, restorative Yoga, stress reduction, and Yin Yoga. We’re always adding new classes, so be sure to check our schedule often.

Contact Information

23 Race Street
Frenchtown,  NJ  08825