Yoga Brain

Yoga Brain is a fusion yoga studio and much more. Located in the quaint and historic tree-lined neighborhood of East Falls, Yoga Brain is a community focused sanctuary for mind, body, and heart.

We offer an array of yoga styles & holistic practices, coupled by  complementary events and workshops, to provide you with a dynamic and inspired journey.

Founded  in 2018 by owner Justine Bacon, YB reflects her passion for studying many traditions, enjoying diversity and placing the breath at the center of practice. It embodies service to community and environment and has a collaborative nature. YB is for the explorer of mind, heart and world.

Our studio is intimate and inviting, calming and energizing. Here you can find the perfect environment to foster whatever is your desired intention. We look forward to welcoming you home.

Contact Information

3426 Conrad Street
Philadelphia,  PA  19129
(267) 331-6202