Spirithome Healing – Philadelphia Area Sound Healing

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Private Sound Healing Sessions

Private sound healing sessions assist in balancing and healing the body mind and spirit through using the principals of the human energy system (Chakras) and the physical of sound and frequency.

Using the principals of Sound Healing, we will discuss identified issues.  Based on the feedback from the discussion I will then use sound healing to facilitate improvement of your physical and emotional health.

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy

– Relief from chronic stress and anxiety

– Release from stuck emotions

– Clarity and emotional breakthrough

– Revitalization of the body mind and spirit

Balancing The Mind • Sound healing strives to balance thoughts and emotions through soundwave frequency • The process of harmonizing the mind helps to form new pathways to emotional and physical healing

Balancing The Body • Wave frequencies enter the body and have a harmonious balancing effect • The resonant field produced by the healing sounds synchronizes the energetic and molecular body • Stuck energy within the body is transformed into flowing energy, encouraging better health

Healing the Soul • Sound is a direct reflection of the Spiritual world, let music speak its healing vibrations to your soul

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