Moondog Yoga Studio

Moondog Yoga is a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes a yoga class is the only time of day where we disconnect from technology, the demands of family and work, and just stop and slow down. We offer yoga, massage and specialty fitness for an over all holistic approach for living a healthy, happy life.



Moondog’s vital and dynamic community (or sangha in Sanskrit) is the nucleus from which we guide our students and reach out to leave the world a better place for living, one class at a time. We believe that the effects of taking our classes, and thus being a part of our community, spread, like ripples in a pond, from the studio, to the neighborhood, to Quakertown, and beyond, out into the world.

At Moondog, our yoga teachers inspire by living and practicing yoga. They have the empathy and compassion to always make sure the student leaves feeling fully cared for. Our teachers also exemplify and teach the ethical and philosophical aspects of yoga, enriching our sangha. Students and teachers alike treat each other with respect, compassion, and understanding.

We aspire to help enhance our students’ holistic health through yoga and specialty fitness. The aim of our fitness classes is to enhance health and longevity. A consistent yoga practice can increase flexibility, strength, mental clarity, and create a better connection to our bodies, as well as renew and restore health. Additionally, practitioners of massage and acupuncture, and nutritionists and counselors, offer their services to add depth to our clients’ wellbeing.

In yoga teachings, the ultimate goal of yoga is to come to know our true nature: pure love and bliss. We wish to inspire and guide our students on their journeys of self-discovery. We meet our students wherever they are in that journey, and remind them that they are not alone, that we are all in this together. This connection makes the studio a welcoming place that is nurturing for all who practice with us.



We offer discounts for teachers, students, seniors & military service.

Contact Information

115 East Broad St, Suite 200
Quakertown,  PA  18951
(267) 374-4046