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Kristin is passionate about living life to the fullest. She inspires others to live fully and passionately through her teachings of yoga, meditation. Kristin works with individuals, private and public corporations, sports teams, and leads transformational workshops and international yoga and meditation retreats. She was named “Best Yoga Teacher” on the Main Line and is a regular contributor to the online magazines MindBodyGreen and WomenForOne. Kristin is also the founder of Dan’s Down Dog and Dash, a local yoga and run community event that raises money for families dealing with cancer. Dan’s Down Dog and Dash draws over 700 participants and has been named one of the top 10 things to do in Philly by Philadelphia Magazine.

Kristin began her yoga journey when she was 23 and injured her back. A physical therapist suggested she try yoga. Kristin went to her first yoga class and never looked back. She has studied with various teachers including Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Dharma Mitra and Yoganand, Jillian Pransky, and Sue Elkind, and Naime Jezzeny at Dig Yoga.  She has practiced and studied meditation, including an intensive two-year Meditation Teacher Training, with Scott and Nancy McBride of Clearlight Meditation Institute where she is now a faculty member. Kristin has thousands of hours of meditation experience including several long annual silent retreats. Kristin is a Program Facilitator, teaching and guiding Mindfulness Practices, for Minding Your Mind. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in Design. Kristin worked for many years in the Design Industry and now focuses on her passion for yoga, movement, meditation, and the transformative aspects of these practices. She enjoys yoga, skiing, surfing, swimming, triathlons, plant-based eating, learning and being with her family. She is a lover of dogs, especially her beloved dogs Gus and Max! She has a passion for learning, reading and connecting.

You can connect via email;, or on Facebook,  Instagram at kristinpage_yoga

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