Why Kids Need Yoga

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” B.K.S Iyengar

Our lives are constantly in motion and the balance between effort and ease is often misplaced. Busy has become a badge of honor.  Every cell phone has more information on it and available faster than George W. Bush had access to as President in 2000.

So, what’s it like to be a kid in the world today? Inundated with social media, news, peer pressure, after school activities, competitive sports, academic demands and family life; a yoga class is the place go to learn tools to help respond to life.

Yoga is a vast and deeply open practice that envelopes, joyful acceptance no matter where you are on your journey. There’s no competition, no winner or loser. Instead, the focus is on overall wellness. On their yoga mat, a child can mindfully breathe and freely move without judgment, comparison or outside influence. No matter a child’s fitness routine, whether a gamer or a super-athlete, yoga is a great way to make positive changes to not only physical health but mental and emotional health as well.

10 Proven Benefits of Yoga:

      1. Supports joint health & increases bone density
      1. Increases range of motion
      1. Builds strength & improves flexibility
      1. Assists with balance and coordination
      1. Increases cognitive functions
      1. Helps build patience
      1. Teaches self regulation of nervous system
      1. Improves interpersonal skills
      1. Builds self confidence
    1. Enables a child to be a part of something larger than just him/her

Not only does yoga improve physical health, but it also improves other areas of life. When you know you’re headed to yoga later, you’ll be less inclined to eat a big meal ahead of time. If you took a class in the morning, it’s easier to keep moving the rest of your day. Better decisions just happen.

Where can kids go to learn coping skills to regulate and respond to stress and anxiety; to thrive instead of just survive?

“We don’t begin to teach coping skills until kids are in crisis. That’s the time when it’s the most difficult to learn and implement.” – Mandy Ross, LCSW

Studies show that yoga enhances a child’s focus and attention, alleviates stress and eases anxiety, improves confidence, self esteem, and athletic and academic performance. Practicing yoga provides a place where coping skills critical to support, manage and process our emotions and reactions are cultivated.  Stress isn’t something our bodies are designed to handle incessantly.

“Chronic stress is bad for adults, but it is particularly troublesome for children, because among many other effects, it can disrupt still-developing white matter in the brain, causing long-term problems with complex thinking and memory skills, attention, learning and behavior…” Bruce Compas, Professor of Psychology and Human Development at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

Mindful breathing practices learned in yoga a class, shifts your wandering mind from things that you can’t control to focus only on what you can control in the present moment. Utilizing your breath to eliminate unnecessary distractions and doubts is a powerful coping skill that is only within your control.

For example, your body’s energy rides the waves of your breath. When you’re body’s ready to rest, your breathing pattern slows down and deepens. On the other hand, if you are sprinting towards the finish line in a race, your breathing pattern speeds up and becomes shallow. Regulating your breathing regulates your emotion and reponses.

So, maybe the question should be “WHY NOT yoga for kids?”.  Yoga doesn’t take away, it only adds and enhances. Everything kids want to do is reinforced by yoga.  Integrating yoga regularly with children, they equip themselves to move from a state of dysregulation to inspiration.

Adrienne started practicing yoga when she was working in the corporate world. She traveled constantly and always looked for ways to keep healthy and active while on the road. After completing her RYT-200 Power Yoga Teacher Training she was hooked! She completed her RCYT-95 as well as her RYT-500 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. A mother of two girls, Adrienne has dedicated her time to deepening her practice and connecting with her students (especially families & kids!) on ways to allow their yoga experience to ripple into all aspects of their lives. Throughout Adrienne’s trainings, her passion has led her to co-found FamilyFlow Yoga®️. FamilyFlow Yoga®️is one of four accredited schools in Illinois to offer a 95 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance Children’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Adrienne teaches in yoga studios, fitness clubs, boutique studios, as well as in school and after school yoga programs. FamilyFlow Yoga®️ has become an expert in offering continuing education programs and workshop for yoga instructors as well as schools’ staff and administrations. She's committed to helping people reach their full potential both physically, mentally and emotionally.

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