Join Our Retreat Promotion

Want to spread the word about your upcoming retreat?

Would you like your business highlighted at the very top of our email and blog? One Sponsor space is available for this promotion.  Email us for information.

It can be a local day of bliss, a weekend nearby or a wonderful escape to an exotic location.

Share it in our upcoming Retreat Directory/Promotion and let the My Area Yoga community know. Entries will be shared on all three My Area Yoga Websites – Philly, Chicago and DC!

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  1. Include your retreat in 1 special Retreat email to our community scheduled on August 28th. Will be sent to Chicago, DC and Philly markets.
  2. List your training in our blog posting on all three My Area Yoga websites. (sample) Retreats will be listed by date.
  3. Include a front page ad on all three My Area Yoga websites that links to the blog posting September – October (above).
  4. Include a $10 boost for your retreat on one of the My Area Yoga Facebook Pages: Philly, DC, or Chicago.
  5. Include an email ad in our weekly emails that links to the blog posting (above), 4 weeks September – November. In all three My Area Yoga markets.
  6. Mention your retreat individually and the group blog post on Facebook and Twitter on all three My Area Yoga markets.

Here’s how you get in the special campaign:

  1. This offer is available only to members. If you’re not a member, sign-up and then return to this page. Visit the page for your closest city to register: Philly, DC, Chicago.
  2. Fill out the form below and complete payment. There is a $100 fee/training to participate.
  3. Enter your Retreat on our calendar if you haven’t already. Choose your city: Philly, DC, Chicago.
  4. That’s all. We’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t wait. Entries must be received by August 18th to be included in the first special email.


  1. How do I get my retreat listed at the top? Retreats will be listed by date of occurrence to make it easy for our users to find what they are looking for.
  2. Can I enter more than one retreat? Yes. There is a $100 fee for each retreat you choose to list. Complete the form below.
  3. My retreat is scheduled for next year, can it still be included? Planning is essential for those attending a retreat. Yes, include it now so attendees can make arrangements to attend.

Questions? Contact Mary.

Questions? Contact Mary.