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Therapeutic Yoga Series

January 11 @ 10:30 AM - January 28 @ 12:00 PM

ONLINE Yoga Therapy in a Small Group

Get the amazing benefits of private sessions at a big discount in these small group therapeutics classes.  You are joined by one or two other students who share your same goals:  reduced pain and stress, better sleep, increased strength and flexibility, getting happier and having more aliveness to share with others.  Plus your meditations get deeper while your mind gets clearer and more focused.

Two sessions weekly move you through a healing process so fast!  In just 3 weeks, you’ll be in a whole new place in your body, mind, heart and life.  Plus you learn how to take care of yourself in quick, yet profound ways.

Each of your group therapeutics classes begins with a personal check-in, including an online assessment questionnaire.  Your privacy is protected with only you and your yoga therapist seeing and reviewing your report.  Any needed discussion is taken offline, with a personal phone conversation or by using a breakout room during the group session.

In your class, you are guided through a custom-designed sequence, featuring therapeutic yoga poses adapted to your needs and readiness.   The other yogis in your small group will be doing similar poses, though you each may have different adaptations, which your yoga therapist will help you with.

Your 90-minute session ends with a Shavasana (Relaxation Pose) and Guided Awareness.  As delicious as these are, their therapeutic benefits are the reason we have you do them.  Your body soaks up the benefits of all the poses you’ve done; you’re marinating in the healing power of yoga.

When you roll to your side and slowly come up to a seated position, you will be able to tell that you’re different, profoundly different.  Healing is happening. Multiply it times 6, for there are 6 sessions in your series!


How is this series different from other Svaroopa® Yoga classes?

This is yoga therapy.  The focus is on healing — yogic healing — which is multi-dimensional healing.  Your teacher is a yoga therapist.  She will not be teaching you poses like you see in yoga videos, but will be guiding you through therapeutic yoga practices specifically for your needs.  She is focused on your healing goals.

How many classes do I get in the series?  How many people in my class?

Your series includes 2 classes per week for 3 weeks, a total of 6 classes.  Class size is limited to two or three students, so you get the personal attention you need.  By participating in small group therapeutics, you get the results of private sessions but at less than half the cost.

How long is each of my classes?

Each class is 90 minutes, like most Svaroopa® yoga classes.  This does last longer than our usual 60-minute yoga therapy session.  The extra time is so your yoga therapist can take care of two or three students at the same time.  This means you sometimes have a brief wait while your yoga therapist is assisting someone else.  The longer session also provides for you to have the full Shavasana-Guided Awareness experience at the end of each class.

What about my privacy in a group setting?

Your personal details are treated with the greatest confidentiality.  In class, your teacher will make generalized comments like, “This pose helps with neck problems.”  If you have neck problems, you know that she is talking to you.  All discussions about your personal needs are done in a separate phone call or in a private breakout session during the class.

You may also find that the others in your group are supportive of anything you might choose to share.  Just as you enjoy supporting others, they feel the same toward you.  Being able to support others as well as to accept support is a powerful pathway to healing.


Swami Prajñananda Saraswati


January 11 @ 10:30 AM
January 28 @ 12:00 PM
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