What’s Possible In Stillness?

Not sure whether it’s the days being so damn short, or my schedule being so damn full, but December has been a complete blur – much more than normal. Birthday, come and gone. Christmas, said and done. New Year, no thanks!

Why I’ve Avoided Yoga. Until Now.

If you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile … do you remember what brought you to the practice and what notions you had about it? If you are considering trying yoga … do you have a ‘what for?’ and are you wondering what to expect. This blog by Clinical Psychologist Lauren Napolitano offers honest perspective on the process of starting, and deepening, a yoga journey

All Beings Means ALL Beings

Just in time to help realign our minds amid the holiday haste, YOGADHARMA owner Amy Cronise-Mead invites us to explore the meaning of a commonly used mantra. Based in Bucks County, PA, Amy travels around the country and the world to lead workshops and teacher trainings, and is also the founding member of a couple different non-profit

5 Ways to Keep Stress at Bay This Holiday

Each year it happens. The holiday hits and we find ourselves in the midst of an endless list of to-do’s and to-buy’s. Some days, the season’s pace seem manageable enough. Other days, it feels like we’re sledding down a snowy hill, holding on tightly with one hand and, with the other, crossing our fingers that we make it through without crashing.

Reset. Restart. Recharge.

Just like we all instinctively know what we need to do to take care of ourselves on our yoga mats, maybe push ourselves a little harder one day or take it a little easier on ourselves another day, I knew I needed to really dig-in to my mom’s home cooking this holiday.

Surviving the Holidays – The Art of Giving

As we enter the busy-ness of the season, let’s consider the benefits of slowing down and looking at what really matters. In her recent blog, Nourishing Storm founder Kristin Ritter touches on how making room for moments of pure attention is a gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones – and how practicing this art can create a holiday filled with meaningful memorie

Inspiration We Are Grateful For

As yogis we are constantly reading, studying…searching for inspiration.  Sometimes we find a video, or a book.  Many times we find inspiration in certain people – whether we study intimately with them, read their publications, or become a friend to them

Better than Sleep

Learn how practicing yoga nidra can be a “re-set” in this blog from YOGADHARMA owner Amy Cronise-Mead. Based in Bucks County, PA, Amy has been leading nidra for years and is creating some high-quality recordings and an online workshop. Keep an eye on this coming month because they will be available ONLY from December 2-31. Perfect to get yourself through busy holiday times and to give as gifts!

Ginger Butternut Squash Soup (vegan)

Last week’s CSA pick-up scored me 4 butternut squash!  Stocking up for the month ahead I guess.  Squash is a vegetable I’ve only recently come to enjoy – a bit too late now that I’ve experienced how great it can be.  Here’s one of my stand-by recipes for squash soup.

Lead Fearlessly with Your Heart

Sometimes the scales get off-balance and you may find yourself leaning toward the rational mind all the time, leaving intuition in some forgotten place. Taking the time to listen and choosing to lead with your heart may be just what you need to reclaim your center. Allsion Sobel, owner of yoga/spinning/pilates studio Focus Fitness Main Line, shares how liberating it feels in her most recent blog.