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We’re always looking for contributors to our website. Whether you’re interested in submitting on a regular basis or just when you have something to share, we’d like to hear from you.

Here are a few guidelines and notes:

Content: We are open to any topics that directly relate to our yoga and wellness community. Unsure about the appropriateness of a topic? Drop us an email before putting it all down. Please note that contributors retain ownership of their submitted work.

Non-Promotional: We ask that you do not submit stories that are written for the benefit of any one business in the community. The blog is not meant to be used as advertising. Unsure? Send an email.

Original Submissions: With the exception of your personal or business website, we request that articles are published first on our website. In other words, if it’s already published on a site that is not your own – check with us first.

Hyperlinks:  Please do not include hyperlinks within the body of your blog unless absolutely necessary. We want our readers to read your blog post, not leave to go elsewhere.  A hyperlink to your website may be included in the bio.

Compensation: While we do not financially compensate our bloggers, we ask that you to include a brief bio at the conclusion of your article. Please feel free to include a link to your website.

Word Count: We suggest a range of 250 – 600 words.  Shorter articles often keep the interest of our readers better. We LOVE bullets, numbering, headings.  All of these things make it easier for our readers – and more likely that they will read.

Images: We encourage the submission of any photos to go along with your story.

Sharing: Please share your articles with your friends and colleagues once your article goes live on the site.

Changes: Please note that we have the right to edit or change any content as appropriate for the blog. We’ll let you know if we do.

Publishing:  My Area Yoga runs multiple websites.  The websites share a blog, so you can expect to see your article in all markets.

How do I submit?

Please email your completed article with a title. Attach any images you wish to appear with your article. You must have permission to use any images if they are not your own. Make sure to include your bio and relevant web links.

Please note that we are unable to publish all blog submissions.  We will notify you either way.

Covid-19 Notification

Please note that many events on our calendar have been cancelled or moved to an online format.  Please check with the event organizer for more information.

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