ONLINE Home Healing Retreat

Fit your Yoga Healing Retreat into your schedule with two enrollment options: Bookends or Immersion. With bookends, you get morning and evening healing sessions plus a full morning on Saturday. Immersion adds midday sessions to your weekdays, much like when you’re at Lokananda, our Svaroopa® yoga retreat center. Advance your healing process dramatically in only […]

ONLINE Shaktipat Retreat

The profound inward path of Svaroopa® Vidya begins with you receiving Maha-Shaktipat Diksha, the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own Divine Self. “It is a unique and extraordinary experience. It creates powerful and positive changes in your mind, body and life.” — […]

ONLINE: Yoga’s Mystical Formulae

Delve into the mystery hidden in yoga’s ancient language, Sanskrit. Each of the highly technical terms have multiple layers of meaning, not easily conveyed in English. It takes a paragraph to explain the meaning of a single word. In this course, Swami Prajñananda walks you through the process of understanding the mystical terms, which can […]

Yoga for Healthy Bones

Yoga for Healthy Bones with Debbie Helfeld Sun, Oct 18, 1:30-3:00PM This workshop is designed for those with osteoporosis or osteopenia as well as for anyone who wants to build healthier and stronger bones. It is both for those who have never taken a Healthy Bones class and for those who have and would like […]

The NEW Verge YTT 2020-21

When is the last time you lived outside your comfort zone? When is the last time you really felt fully awake and alive? Has 2020 opened your eyes to the need for exploration or adaptation within your life? Are you ready to explore something new, or build a new skill set? We are inviting you […]

Zoom Yoga And Massage For Pregnancy And Birth Workshop

Live-Streamed Yoga And Massage For Pregnancy and Birth Workshop with Darlene Bergener While pregnancy is often filled with excitement and happiness, it can also bring physical discomforts and anxiety about your upcoming labor and delivery. Be inspired and empowered as you and your partner learn practical techniques for navigating your amazing, yet sometimes challenging, journey […]

ONLINE: Sutras on Pain

Yoga promises that you can live free from pain. An amazing promise, isn’t it? Learn from the yogic texts about the cause of your pain. Use these powerful practices to free yourself from pain’s clutches. These work whether your pain is mental, emotional or physical. You can truly live free from pain. These sutras are […]

Yoga and Aging

Yoga and Aging with Mercedes Santos 3 Session Series Is your yoga practice and community an integral part of your aging experience? Would you like to connect more deeply to your experience of aging through your yoga practices? Through your yoga community? The Eight Limbs of Yoga provide us with a way to understand and […]

Embody the Yamas & Niyamas: Free Online Workshop

The Yamas and Niyamas are key yoga principles that guide yogic practice and living. But how often are you actively practicing these principles? Join me for a live workshop where you will learn how to embody each principle in your daily life with unique-to-you practices that help you actualize the principles behind the Yamas and […]

VIRTUAL Prenatal Partners Massage: Prepare for Labor & Delivery

*THIS CLASS IS HELD LIVE VIA ZOOM, INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO JOIN THE CLASS WILL BE SENT TO THOSE SIGNED UP.* This popular workshop is for all pregnant women and their partners and is meant to empower you both with practical knowledge about birth. All participants will be able to interact with instructor on ZOOM […]