Viva Prana

Viva Prana is a studio focused on healing, health and wellness. We take an eclectic approach to the classes and services we offer with an emphasis on addressing the physical, mental and emotional “stuff” that occurs naturally in our modern day living. We believe that everyone has the capacity to make impactful changes and that a desire to change is all you need to begin your journey. We will serve you with encouragement and support throughout your committed practice.


We invite Chicago residents who are new to the studio to try Viva Prana's eclectic mix of yoga and Bowspring classes for a week for FREE! Call 708-887-9696 to schedule your first class and activate the offer or if you would prefer, email us: Once you fall in love with our studio there are membership and class package options.

Contact Information

1415 MN Dayton Street
Chicago,  IL  60642