Beach Front Mindfulness Retreats

What is it about the beach, the rhythm of the ocean waves, the gentleness of sparkling bay waters, the sun, and the aromas? 

What is it that appeals to our senses and sense of well being that calms us and helps us to re-set?

Feel stress melt away.  Feel pent up energy release.  Allow freshness, warmth and gentleness to engulf.  It’s time to reach within.  Beyond roles, titles and responsibilities, it’s a sliver of time at the beach for you.

Experience a beach retreat, a simple pleasure of life that only we can provide it to ourselves.  


Beachfront Mindfulness Retreat, Strathmere, NJ

Weekend, Dec 13-15, 2019

Day Pass $150

3 Day Stay $275-350/person 

Contact Information

Strathmere,  NJ  08248