Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates, Health and Fitness

Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates, Health and Fitness

Years ago in what now seems to be in another life, Steve Gold, Yoga Master and owner of Philly Power Yoga, worked behind a desk as a successful sales and marketing executive. Although success and wealth came quickly for Gold, the career path proved to be unfulfilling. Gold quickly changed paths after his realization that the most important wealth is health and spent the next 17 years studying and practicing spiritual principles and lifestyle, including eight years with yoga guru Baron Baptiste.

Gold is certified to teach “Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga” and continuously studies his craft for advances techniques to share with his students and instructors. Philly Power Yoga has been teaching Gold’s signature yoga for 10 years. Now the studio has grown to encompass 2 studios, private massage and acupuncture space, a fitness studio specializing in private equipment pilates as well as classes in Cardio Dance, Sculpt and Kickboxing, Pilates Mat and Barre Classes. A roster of talented expert instructors also create customized private sessions in Reiki, Qi Gong, Nutrition and Stress Managment, Rehabilitation and Alignment and more!

Philly Power Yoga is not leisure yoga. It is tough, you will sweat. It was developed to identify and correct the pressures the Western world puts on the body. The practice isn’t a fad, it’s a proven lifestyle with the goal of making spiritual fitness an individual’s primary goal.

We take pride in our instructor’s primary goal of connecting to students by sharing personal experiences in addition to poses, which allow students to reach spiritual fitness by reconnecting with their authentic self. Gold trains instructors who are honest, real, and accessible. He teaches that beginning with unhealthy baggage and habits are ok, simply be still in the moment no matter how painful and begin to reconnect with the real you.

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