Kur Wellness Studios

Kur Wellness Studios

Kur offers Yoga in a beautiful studio with natural light, soft zebra floor, full mirrored wall, and a versatile Yoga Wall that allows for assisted poses and inversions. ​

Our instructors are attuned to each individual client’s experience. Whether this is your first visit to a studio or you are well on your path, you’ll feel at home at Kur. With our instructors’ expert coaching and positive re-enforcement, we’ll help you understand how to get what you need out of each pose and feel accomplished. And by some classes incorporating our unique Yoga Wall for support, you’ll find you can do Yoga poses much easier, with greater flexibility than just on the mat.

Kur responds to the local needs of the growing health-conscious community with a truly one-of-a-kind studio space inside a larger center of wellness.

Contact Information

412 Bond St
Asbury Park,  NJ  07712