Àse Yoga Studio & Tea Room

Àse Yoga Studio and Tea Room is a beautiful and serene sanctuary nestled in East Falls. Dr. Alston, founder and owner, conceive of Àse yoga as an existential experience that connects us to our innate power. Àse, which means “the power to do.” It grew out of direct experience and understanding that we possess the power to experience optimal healing and health. To do that, at Àse, we activate the subtle, yet powerful, energy centers which enables us to breathe correctly, to align our bodies, and to calm our nervous system. Unlike so many places—you are our primary focus. We emphasize relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. Utilizing gently and relaxing asanas, we work with the joints, spine head and neck to align and attune to body. In practicing Àse, we let go of what no longer serves us; while integrating what we need to live fully. As a sanctuary, Àse Yoga Studio and Tea Room offers you, a private and unique space to unwind.

Contact Information

4054 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa
Philadelphia,  Pa 
(267) 886-8600