2 Hot Yoga

Welcome to 2 Hot Yoga! We offer hot yoga classes at our Highland Park studio, focusing on strength, flexibility and balance with a holistic approach of nurturing the mind and spirit.

We are the ORIGINAL hot studio on the North Shore providing the best therapeutic heat and cold lavender towels at the end of every class!


Time and again, our yogis tell us that 2HOT Yoga has transformed their lives in numerous ways.  While their stories about what brought them to the mat for the first time vary widely, many of their yoga practices began as an inward journey.  Some may have found themselves at a crossroads and were seeking to gain clarity and self-awareness, while others may have suffered a loss or hardship and needed to find a sense of peace.

By focusing attention inward — on the breath and staying grounded, centered and compassionate with your body — the most amazing transformation takes place in time.  At 2HOT Yoga, we strive to support our yogis as their internal journey leads them back to connections with everything and everyone.

What makes 2HOT Yoga unique is that everyone who walks through the studio doors is like family.  Our tight-knit community thrives because our yogis offer support and encouragement to one another both in terms of the practice of yoga and in life in general.

Contact Information

1500 Old Deerfield Road, Unit 10
Highland Park,  IL  60015
1.847.831.YOGA (9642)
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