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Yoga Poses To Protect The Lower Back And Shoulders While Shoveling Snow!

As we move into winter, it’s important to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. This week, Ileana Gonzalez, ayurvedic practitioner, explores ways in which you can apply your yoga practice to avoid lower back and shoulder injuries while shoveling snow. Bonus: Ileana shares her delicious cream of spinach soup recipe to warm you up after you shovel.

Ask the Teacher: Your Practice Is Meant to Fit You

Ask the Teacher: I’m overweight. I’m terrified to try a yoga class. Will I be able to do the poses and keep up with the class?

Ask the Teacher: My Mat Is a Yoga Slip and Slide

Ask the Teacher: I’m a heavy sweater. It’s not only disgusting, it’s also a pain in the butt. I find myself slipping and sliding all over my mat. I feel like I’m disrupting other students. What should I do?

Geometry And Yoga

We hear a lot of instructions in yoga – “step your right foot forward,” “place your foot at a 45 degree angle,” “put your hand at 2 o’clock” and “place your hands 6 inches in front of you.” Are you confused yet? This good-humored blog by Maureen Convery reminds us that we do not need to be a mathlete to practice yoga.

Using Props and Modifications to “Go Deeper”

What does it mean to “go deeper” into a pose?  Alison Hammond Castro, a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, challenges you to connect with your perception of “going deeper” and to find this sensation in your body.

Ask the Teacher: Everyone Farts!

Ask the Teacher: Have any of your students ever farted during class? What did you do? What do you do if you’re taking class and need to fart?

Ask the Teacher: B.O. in Class

Ask the Teacher: The guy next to me had the WORST body odor during class. All I could smell was onions. Have you ever had to address this with a student? It was so distracting!

Ask the Teacher: Headstand Hardships

Ask the Teacher: Headstand kills my head. What am I doing wrong?

Repeat Three Times

This week, Cara Bradley, yoga and meditation teacher, founder of Verge Yoga and author of On the Verge, invites you to set an intention around a quality you’d like to explore in your life, and to reflect on your commitment to your intention.

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