The Practice

Strike Off Stress With a Healthy Dose of Meditation

Little did you notice that your eyes were getting puffy and your limbs have gone unsteady. Well that’s not all, stress has taken away your sleep. The unending treacherous moments were taking toll on your mind and body and you seemed to have no clue about it. A thoughtful insight and you have just got an answer to it; yes it’s none other than your stressful work schedule that is making you go weak from within. With meditation at your rescue, you hardly have reasons to find wrinkles form on your forehead. Inner peace is best attained with such peaceful techniques that have been in existence for years.

Lead Fearlessly with Your Heart

Sometimes the scales get off-balance and you may find yourself leaning toward the rational mind all the time, leaving intuition in some forgotten place. Taking the time to listen and choosing to lead with your heart may be just what you need to reclaim your center. Allsion Sobel, owner of yoga/spinning/pilates studio Focus Fitness Main Line, shares how liberating it feels in her most recent blog.

4 Ways to Kickstart your Home Practice

When I was a newly enamored yoga student, I spent many a failed morning trying to coax myself onto the mat at home. How could I create the same heightened experience I’d had at the studio when I might go into downward dog and see an overflowing laundry basket behind me?

Five Reasons to Practice Yoga During Cancer Treatment

The practice of yoga during cancer treatment can be helpful on many levels. Yoga can help manage side effects of cancer including nausea and fatigue. Yoga can also promote better sleep and deep relaxation.

Trust the Practice

Sometimes landing on your yoga mat is less than sightly. You are completely unraveled, having completed a long day… doing whatever you do.

Don’t Go to Yoga. Bring Yoga to You.

Don’t Go to Yoga! That’s right. You heard me. Don’t go to yoga. Instead, bring yoga to you! What am I talking about?

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