Trust the Practice

Sometimes landing on your yoga mat is less than sightly. You are completely unraveled, having completed a long day… doing whatever you do.

Just say, “Thank You”

Scenario #1: “Look at your arms. They look amazing!” I say to my client Sally one day. “Yeah, but look at these thighs! They are so big,”

Don’t Go to Yoga. Bring Yoga to You.

Don’t Go to Yoga! That’s right. You heard me. Don’t go to yoga. Instead, bring yoga to you! What am I talking about?

Back to Basics: Yoga in Prison

I am a long time yoga practitioner currently serving time in Federal prison. I am blessed with an incredibly supportive network of friends in the yoga community; many who have urged me to share my thoughts and experiences….here are some comments from my first week of incarceration.  Since I don’t have internet access I’ve asked for help in posting this message

My Four-Wheel Zen Center

I am not sure when I started to do this but over the past month or so I have developed a new habit of driving in silence. When on the road these days I usually turn off the radio and put my cell phone in a place where I cannot access it. It has been an amazing practice and one that I highly recommend.