Off the Mat

Opening Into Life

Vitally alive! A body that is breathing and pulsating with aliveness in every cell. Eyes clear and radiant. Glowing with a happiness that arises from an inner surety of being. Yoga makes you alive — fully alive. You have the capacity to live this way in every moment, and some work to do in order […]

The Dual Purposes of Life

If you had a sense that you came here in order to accomplish one overarching purpose, you are only half right. Yoga describes the purpose of human life as being two-fold. There are two things that you are here to accomplish. The first is to have experiences, a full range of experiences. This means that […]

Is Your Mind a Wild Beast? Tame It.

After I’ve exhausted all procrastination tactics, I finally get onto my mediation cushion. I settle in, adjusting my posture, getting my knees into a happy situation . . . there we go . . . and then start turning inward. Immediately, I’m lost in thoughts: my ever growing to-do list, that last conversation with my […]

Yoga: Alternative Lifestyle or Mainstream?

I was presenting at a yoga conference, gathering feedback from yoga teachers about the founding of Yoga Alliance, while serving as the founding President. One woman was concerned that the new Yoga Alliance would make yoga mainstream, “If yoga becomes mainstream, I’ll have to quit!”

Who’s In Charge?

You’re looking at the dessert tray, which they bring to your table after your meal at a fine restaurant. Who’s in charge? Your taste buds? Your tummy? Your inner cop, counting calories? Your Ayurvedic sensibilities? Or perhaps your vegan raw-food healthy organic self, saying yes, but only to the Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake?

A Safer Space

In my years of teaching yoga, I have witnessed many of the hardships my students face in their lives—death of a loved one, divorce, illness, depression, anxiety, body-image issues, sexual assault, substance abuse, cancer, financial stress—just to name a few. I too originally came onto my mat managing depression, alcohol abuse and disordered eating. You would not have noticed me because I would have been the one that looked on top of things, friendly, confident, doing all the poses instructed, seemingly self-sufficient without a need in the world. The reality of what was underneath this facade was something quite different.

4 Reasons You Need Abdominal Massage

Massage Therapy is one of the most accessible forms of self-care. Our first instinct when we feel an ache or pain, is to touch, hold, and/or guard the area. Abdominal pain is common amongst children, adolescents, and adults alike for a variety of reasons.

The Secret of Yoga

Little Nia scrambled to her feet, as I watched in amusement. All of five years old, she pulled herself into a triangle position and gingerly raised her foot to mimic the Half Moon posture (Ardha Chandrasana). A tumble soon ensued, and she burst out into laughter before she inadvertently closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Those few seconds were a very poignant revelation; a child remembered what many have forgotten – the true goal of yoga is to go inward.

Yoga & the 5 Attributes of Success

Yoga makes you more successful at anything and everything you’re interested in accomplishing. This means that yoga makes you better at getting what you want. This is because yoga improves 5 key attributes that contribute to your success in any endeavor.