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Effective Cueing for Teachers, Session I

Cara Bradley, author, teacher, and founder of the award-winning Verge BodyMind, shares effective strategies used by master teachers to boost your confidence, improve your communication skills and win over your students.

Training in Trauma Informed Yoga

If you’ve thought about teaching yoga in a jail, domestic violence shelter, or youth group home, you’ve probably wondered how trauma informed yoga is different from “regular” yoga. Now, how do you get training … and do you really need it if you’re already a 200-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher?

How is trauma sensitive yoga different than traditional yoga?

Trauma sensitive yoga is a term that’s quickly making it’s way into mainstream yoga.  More and more you see classes and trainings that focus on this – as there is an obvious need for teachers who are aware and trained to share this with those in need.  But what exactly does trauma sensitive mean?  Who is it for?  Why do we need it? Kate Rice, Chicago-based trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, shares some insight.

Get the BIG picture – not the blue light special.

When you think about advertising for your yoga business, what are your goals? More students overall? Increased attendance at classes or a specific workshop? Attract new members?

Best ways to LOSE a new student…Before they get in the door!

You can put in the highest quality furnishings, stock your boutique with trendy clothing, and put your hand carved Buddha at the front door – but none of this will bring a new student back if things go wrong in other areas – or if you don’t get them in the front door! Some studio owners neglect to address the simplest of details – that can make or break a first-timers struggle just to get to class.

Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox: The Student Connection

In this third installment of Teacher’s Toolbox, Verge Yoga founder Cara Bradley, CSCS, ERYT, focuses on three areas that can help yoga teachers optimize their connection with students in every class.

The Yoga Teacher Body

The stories we tell ourselves as human beings hold us back from being who we truly want to be. And the stories we tell ourselves as yoga teachers counter the very clarity we seek to share with students. Gwen Soffer, co-founder of Enso studio in Media, tells us what it takes to get untangled in this thoughtful blog.

Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox: You are the CEO

In this first installment of Teacher’s Toolbox, Verge Yoga founder Cara Bradley, CSCS, ERYT, brings you tips and techniques that have helped her hone her skill of moving bodies for the past 30 years. Many of the topics for this new series for teachers are taught in the Verge Yoga Teacher Training Program, now in its 10th year.

Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox: You are the Mood Manager

In this second installment of Teacher’s Toolbox, Verge Yoga founder Cara Bradley, CSCS, ERYT, offers up insight on how paying attention to subtle factors can empower you as a teacher and transform your students’ class experience.

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