Just for Teachers

How To Help Students Let Go

  I was speaking with a fellow yoga teacher last week about how to integrate philosophical themes into our classes. She mentioned that sometimes she’s not so interested in hearing any philosophy, that sometimes she takes a class with the intention of just letting go of stuff that’s been weighing her down. And when she […]

5 Ways to Prep for Teaching a Yoga Class

Teachers are flashlights. Our role is to illuminate a path for others to walk, instead of doing the work for them. Whether you’re teaching your 1st or 1,000th yoga class, your role is to hold space for others rather than developing a well-choreographed show. There are many variables to consider when constructing your class, so […]

Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

With so many options for Yoga Teacher Training these days, how can you filter through and find the best one for you? I often have people ask me to recommend a teacher training program- mostly new yogis or students who have practiced for a while but in the same location.  They’re all looking to find […]

Types of Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga teacher trainings can vary wildly in their offerings and content. But at the very base of it all, there are three different classifications available; 200-hour, 300-hour and specialty trainings. 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings 200-hour programs are designed for first time trainees and those seeking to obtain the RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status with Yoga […]

Yoga Instructors are Brands

The yoga industry is booming!  Yoga is scientifically proven to help cope with our ever busy and stressed natural state of being. Doctors even recommend yoga to their patients! What can you do to elevate and communicate your teaching style to potential clients? (clients can be a student or a place you teach) “Students spend […]

Six Tips on How To Get a Gig Teaching Yoga.

So you just finished your 200-hour teacher training program and you want to know what comes next. Well, it’s up to you!

Teaching Yoga, Not Just Alignment

My trauma informed yoga classes are largely made up of postures and breath, with some simple breath movement coordination. I don’t typically bring in philosophy or verbal themes, but my classes are still about more than alignment. How? Of course, alignment has a role in a physical yoga class, for basic safety, and as a tool […]

Starting Out: 10 Steps to Begin Your Journey After Teacher Training

When it comes to teaching yoga, we are always students … we have to be, in order to delve deeper into our personal practice and encourage others to do the same. If you are just embarking on a path post-teacher training, here are 10 points to ponder from Shannon LaSpina, RYT 200 that can help you find the equanimity you need to succeed.

Creating a Sea of Clients Starts With Relationships

Here’s a very human approach to creating steady clientele and doing good business from legal expert and Zi Living principal Keeley Mitchell. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, or not, read on for simple tips on being present in relationships and showing up in your interactions with people! Catch her on-air show online (starting Thursday at 2 pm) at yogabizstudio.com.