Clean Eating

Nourishing Spring Salad

I made this nourishing spring salad for some amazing women that spend most of the their time caring for others, so it was truly an honor to create something totally nourishing for them to enjoy as we dove into our topic of self care. I added only the good ingredients of course, let’s explore the benefits of each!

Hummus with a Twist

Almost daily, around lunchtime, I thank the Middle East for bringing hummus to America.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Diet Changes Made Easy

Get the low down on going dairy free from  Jen Fugo, founder of Gluten Free School. In this blog, the certified health expert and author dispels common misperceptions and offers ingredient alternatives for those already following, or embarking on, a lifestyle without lactose.

Homemade Granola – Clean it up!

We try to eat clean. Really try. But we have jobs, kids, extremely busy schedules, and lots of great excuses for getting off track. So like my yoga and meditation practice – clean eating is something I practice, coming back to it again and again. And hopefully getting more committed each and every time.

Ginger Butternut Squash Soup (vegan)

Last week’s CSA pick-up scored me 4 butternut squash!  Stocking up for the month ahead I guess.  Squash is a vegetable I’ve only recently come to enjoy – a bit too late now that I’ve experienced how great it can be.  Here’s one of my stand-by recipes for squash soup.

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