Clean Eating

Winter Rice Bowl with Squash, Kale, Beans and Dried Cranberries

Spectacular meals can come from ordinary odds and ends hanging around our fridges and cabinets. Kelly Friedberg, RYT 200, foodie and mom, walks us through her take on a winter rice bowl.

Coconuts. In. Anything. Yum.

Are you crazy for coconuts!? We are too. Yoga teacher and mom Jeanine Solari, RYT 200, shares with us two delectable gluten free AND dairy free recipes – one a meal and one a dessert – so you can be sure to get your coconut fix in whatever course works best! 

An Autumn-Inspired Salad

Weave this autumn-inspired salad into your fall menu, and maybe into your Thanksgiving spread! Recipe created with love by Kelly Friedberg, RYT 200, foodie and mom.

Gratitude: It’s what’s for dinner

Our perspectives on food may shift throughout our lives, but yoga teacher Justine Bacon shares how eating with gratitude infuses meals with present-moment awareness and makes them that much more delicious and nourishing!

Simple Zucchini Soup

Have some zucchini hanging around the kitchen? This simple homemade soup fits the bill on a chilly fall day! Everyone is surprised to learn that this is made from zucchini. You have to try it to believe how good it is … and SUPER easy! May be served with croutons or chopped chives sprinkled over.

Millet Salad with Chickpeas, Corn and Spinach

Introducing millet … the star of this simple, chilled salad begging to be made before the corn season (and summer) officially comes to a close! Artist and yogi Denise Herman, co-founder of the South Jersey based Facebook group The Yogi’s Healthy Eats, gives us another tasty recipe.

Kale and White Bean Soup

Don’t discount the power of soup in the summer! It’s a great way to enjoy your overflowing fresh veggies.  Marianna Diez, yoga instructor and health coach, shares one of her favorites, incorporating our favorite … KALE!

Warm Spiced Apple Bowl

This breakfast creation from Meg Townsend, certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and founder of Real Living Yoga, takes 5 minutes to make and tastes great anytime of year … but she especially suggests it when you’re wanting to feel cleaner and lighter.

Multigrain Salad with Cilantro and Sweet Potatoes

When summer arrives and the weather heats up, cool salads with grains just hit the spot … mmm, MMM! This flavor-infused recipe created by area artist and yogi Denise Herman, co-founder of the South Jersey based Facebook group The Yogi’s Healthy Eats, will satisfy your palette and belly.

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