Clean Eating

Peanut Pumpkin Seed Butter

Not sure what to do with all the pumpkin seeds you pulled out of your jack-o-lantern? Here’s a delicious and nutritious idea from Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD.

Tasty Summer Veggie Burger

There’s nothing like a burger to define summer picnics.  And psst…meatless burgers are pretty awesome too.  They’re not just for vegetarians, as I’ve known many meat eaters to enjoy a flavorful veggie burger.  Love this black been option from our ayurvedic expert Vishnu.  Put this one on the menu for your next cookout!

Rose Water Elixir and Summer “Food for Thought”

Summer, is the season of Pitta in Ayurveda. The season can naturally increase heat in the body and cause aggravation. According to Ayurveda, sweet and watery foods are ideal in hot temperatures to bring balance to the body and mind.

Quinoa with a Pesto Twist

This is a good late spring and early summer ayurvedic recipe. Light, nourishing, and balancing. Flavorful too! Green is good for the blood and liver as it is alkalizing and nourishing for the body. Having easy dishes to cook means less time needed to be standing over a hot stove as the atmosphere gets warmer.

Tips for Healthy Ayurvedic Digestion

In Ayurveda, digestion is the foundation where health develops and diseases mainly begins. Digestion is physical (taking in food which converted into nutrition and cellular information), and mental (state of mind coming in through the five primary senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth and touch- and emotional). These create a somato-emotional relationship responsible for either our well-being or our potential towards ill health.

Ayurvedic Scallion Pancakes

This recipe is filling and tasty. It makes a good addition to meals or can be good for breakfast with a cup of tea, or dinner in the same fashion.

Almond Tulsi Delight

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil in India, is a sacred plant and contains restorative and spiritual properties. It is used for detoxification, stress management, energy, and to restore balance. and this recipe is a tasty option to incorporate Tulsi into your routine.

Vegan Fried Rice & Zucchini Bowl

This quick, easy and healthy recipe from Heather Caplan, a registered dietitian based in DC and San Francisco, will keep you warm all winter long!

Ayurvedic Lentil Soup

So simple, but so full of flavor.  If lentils scare you off, then you’ve never had red lentils – mild, delicious and packed with nutrition.

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