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Theresa Conroy is a Certified Yoga Therapist with a Yoga Therapy studio just outside Philadelphia. She also trains and mentors Yoga instructors and Therapists, and is the creator of the online training, Teaching Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease. More about Theresa at TheresaConroy.com.

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Healthy Hips

Hip opening workshops are some of the most popular events in the yoga sphere. They shouldn’t be. Never-ending pigeons, long-held frogs, and the constant striving to touch chest to floor in wide-legged seated forward fold, are forcing our hips beyond their natural range of motion. This can cause wear and tear on the joints, and […]

Emotional Yoga Therapy

Our hearts and minds frequently speak to us through our body. Sensations of pain, discomfort, weakness, and fatigue can be the result of trauma or strong emotion. This week, Theresa Conroy, owner of Yoga On The Ridge, a therapy-based studio, explains how yoga’s physical postures and philosophy may help ease emotional and physical distress.

A Dialogue Between Breath and Brain

Figuring out what our body is actually telling us is no simple feat, particularly for new yoga students. Yoga therapist Theresa Conroy, founder of Yoga on the Ridge, tells us how tuning into the breath can help our brains over the hurdles of mixed-up sensory input.

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