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Kerri Hanlon is co-founder of Yoga Home and creator of their Adaptive Yoga Program.  She is an Opening Yoga Certified Instructor through Matthew Sanford and MindBody Solutions and an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.  She has presented at Accessible Yoga Conferences, Yoga Service Council Conference and leads Yoga for Caregivers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Her next Adaptive Yoga Training is October 12-14th at Yoga Home in Conshohocken.  Adaptive Yoga classes are offered weekly Wednesdays at 10:30 and our Adaptive Yoga Benefit Class is October 19th.    5 Variations of Downward Facing Dog and more video tutorials available at ouryogahome.com

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Adaptive Yoga – Creating a Culture Where ALL Are Welcome

There’s been much discussion in the yoga community about Accessible Yoga. The word “accessible” can mean many different things, based on your lens. The Accessible Yoga Mission Statement begins with “Accessible Yoga is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Yoga with anyone who currently does not have access to these practices, and with communities that […]

The Yoga Bubble

I’ve been told I live in a “yoga bubble.” I spend more time at my yoga home than my dwelling home. It’s literally where I work, eat and sleep (ok, not really; maybe the occasional drifting off in savasana). Safe to say I’m surrounded by yogis in most aspects of my life.

Yoga is for EVERY Body

They enter the studio by walking, wheelchair and scooter. Their diagnoses may be cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down’s Syndrome and more. None of this matters. They are yogis.

Opening to Gratitude

If we take a good look at our levels of gratitude, we may find sometimes it’s easier to feel thankful than others. Co-owner of Yoga Home Kerri Hanlon shares what we reap from reflecting on what makes us most grateful, exactly in those most challenging moments, on the mat and off!

The Power of Intention

“I invite you to set an intention.”  How often do you hear that in a yoga class?  And how often do you truly take it to heart? Two years ago I set an intention and began the process of letting it manifest.  It was what I held in my heart as I stepped on my mat, what I scribed about in my journal, what I boldly put out in my New Moon wishes.  And now, I’m seeing that intention come to life.

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