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Gwen Soffer E-RYT is co-founder of Enso in Media, Pa. and co-founder of Trauma-Informed Lens Yoga (TILY). She is an MSW and trauma certificate candidate at Widener University, and in addition to her public classes, facilitates trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive yoga for groups and in agency settings. For more information about TILY’s Trauma-Informed Lens Certificate program, go to traumainformedlensyoga.com and for more information about Teaching Gentle Chair Yoga in Agency and Community Settings workshop, go to www.experienceenso.com.

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A Safer Space

In my years of teaching yoga, I have witnessed many of the hardships my students face in their lives—death of a loved one, divorce, illness, depression, anxiety, body-image issues, sexual assault, substance abuse, cancer, financial stress—just to name a few. I too originally came onto my mat managing depression, alcohol abuse and disordered eating. You would not have noticed me because I would have been the one that looked on top of things, friendly, confident, doing all the poses instructed, seemingly self-sufficient without a need in the world. The reality of what was underneath this facade was something quite different.

Midlife Growth

I never really thought about what fifty would look and feel like because it always seemed so far away, but here I am smack dab in the middle of life. Somewhere between being a college student contemplating my career ambitions and sending my own kids off to college, life started to speed up. The five-year time compartments that I used to organize my life around disappeared. Instead, at age fifty, I find myself more comfortable with the year-to- year and even the moment- to-moment.

Yoga and Clementines

It is simple and perfect: yoga. It is simple and perfect: a clementine orange. As my field placement for graduate school, I work at a refugee resettlement service agency. Working in the wellness department, I have the opportunity to lead trauma-sensitive yoga classes, and what I have found is a constant reminder of how perfectly simple yoga can be when we are willing to let go of all the trappings.

Why Is Our Comfort Zone Given Such a Bad Rap?

I often hear the phrase, “get out of your comfort zone,” “push your boundaries,” “challenge your limits,” as if denying your comfort zone is always the best choice. As someone who highly values the safety of her comfort zone, I question this advice as a universal approach to personal growth.

Permission Stones

I, like so many other yoga teachers, was taught to give lots of physical assists and adjustments. The basic assumption was that EVERYONE wants adjustments, so for years, I would go around the classroom trying to offer them to as many students as possible. I considered it an individualized service, and I would enter the class with the intention of touching each student at least once.

The Yoga Teacher Body

The stories we tell ourselves as human beings hold us back from being who we truly want to be. And the stories we tell ourselves as yoga teachers counter the very clarity we seek to share with students. Gwen Soffer, co-founder of Enso studio in Media, tells us what it takes to get untangled in this thoughtful blog.

My Long Term, On Again-Off Again Relationship with Yoga

Practicing yoga doesn’t stop when you step off the mat. Although many yogi’s journeys start out with asana, the physical is only a piece of the larger picture. 

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